Associate Professor of Biology

Research Interests: development, cell-fate choice, gene regulation/epigenetics, gene regulatory networks, mathematical modeling, machine learning.

Tapas Bhattacharyya, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests: Epigenetics and gene regulation during development, non-additive control of gene expression by multiple enhancers, genome editing.

Joanna Handzlik
PhD Candidate

Joanna uses mathematical models to simulate cellular differentiation during hematopoiesis. She is interested in Dynamical Systems, Machine Learning, and Data Analysis.

Trevor Long
PhD Student

Trevor is interested in understanding gene regulation/epigenetics during cell-fate choice. He is exploring functional genomics techniques such as ATAC-Seq and Hi-C and is especially interested in increasing their genomic resolution through capture technologies.

Madison Naylor

Research Interests: genome engineering, non-additive control of gene expression by multiple enhancers.

Rockford Copiskey
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Rocky is interested in bioinformatics and the analysis of functional genomics data.